Experiencing The Peace Which Goes Beyond Understanding

Several years ago, I attended a Christian service which included a ministering session. That is, there were men and women who believed in the laying on of hands according to the words of Jesus in Mark 16:17-18. I too believe in this and was seeking a greater understanding and confirmation of God’s love and power, so i walked to the front of the room and became involved.

A gentleman placed his hands on my shoulders and began to pray for me. He asked God to show me his peace, love and power. The prayer was soothing and calming. After the prayer was completed, I thanked the man and praised God, but basically felt nothing. I turned and began to walk back to my seat.

About half way, I felt an amazing warmth come over my entire body! There was a sense of peace surrounding me. It was overwhelming! To this day, I can not adequately describe it, but it was awesome and beautiful. It felt like I was wrapped in a blanket of power and love. I paused in amazement! I almost felt that I could not move, yet I was in control and continued walking. There was no fear – only peace, power and love. When I reached my seat, I sat down and a friend sitting a few seats away called to me. He said I was radiant. He saw a glow about me.

The presence of power remained with me for several hours! This was not merely a psychological occurrence. As I mentioned earlier, I initially did not notice any effect after the laying on of hands and prayer. My thought was that this was nice, but wasn’t expecting any further result. During the four hours or so of experiencing the power of God in this way, I spoke, but didn’t say much. I focused on being thankful to God and the Lord for the beauty, peace and power of the experience.

To this day, the experience remains vivid in my heart and has never been repeated. Nevertheless, it has confirmed God’s love and power to me in a magnificent way. I recall this whenever I lay hands on anyone to pray for them.