God’s Work Requires Supernatural Power

Last week, I enjoyed some time away from work. My wife and I spent time together and also enjoyed visiting with some dear friends. We encouraged one another to persevere. At times, the evil in the world seems overwhelming. Even God’s people are divided and confused. Some believe that God is in control of everything, so they just need to sit back and enjoy the show. Others are discouraged because they believe they need to partner with God to bring his will to earth, but they fail to see how their small contribution can make any significant difference.
In our discussions, I told my friends that I believed I had a message of hope to teach through my book. When we become children of God, we are transformed. We become supernatural people. In an earlier post, I shared that the significant issues in life originate from the spiritual realm. For this reason, we need spiritual power in order to succeed in life. David didn’t defeat the giant because he hit him with a stone. He defeated him because he was backed by almighty God!
As I read and listen to the news, I am often frustrated and even angry as I observe evil men and women gaining more and more power on earth. Many Christians believe that God’s judgment is bringing this evil upon us. Really? My bible says that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all! In Ephesians chapter five we are told that we are supposed to expose the works of darkness. This doesn’t mean we sit back and take our punishment. Jesus took everything we deserve upon himself. Too often we are deceived into believing that God is doing terrible things when it is actually coming from evil forces. If we can be tricked to stay out of the fight, evil simply continues to increase.
In my book, I systematically show you how and why we are in our current situation. But I also give you some practical information on how to become a child of God and begin to function in the supernatural world. We must learn to recognize and oppose evil and we must do it with supernatural power!
The news is filled with injustice, violations of privacy, lies, abuse of power in government and more. No matter what anyone tells you: if an action, initiative or law seeks to steal, kill or destroy our health, wealth or freedom, then it is based in evil. These are the criteria which Jesus set forth in the bible in John 10:10.
My mission is not to list the specific current events which are good or evil. Instead, I am giving you the means by which you can think for yourself, using godly standards to categorize things accordingly. Then, it becomes a matter of promoting that which is good and opposing that which is evil.