Welcome to my blog!
I have been a Christian for many years, and have recently written a book on Christian living which is a major focus of this site.
Since I am involved in a variety of activities, this blog may head in many interesting directions.
I enjoy music and play the piano. I am an Amateur Radio (ham) operator and appreciate it as a hobby as well as the value it adds in public service.
I am looking forward to posting and hope others will contribute as well.

3 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. Hi Leigh,
    I appreciate your comments and look forward to more feedback as you continue reading. I absolutely agree: it is essential that we keep The Bible as the standard and basis for our faith and practice. That’s why every topic discussed in my book is accompanied by scripture. I hope you continue to enjoy the book and will be glad to answer any questions as well as I am able.


  2. Hey Joe, I am friends with Cindy S. She sent me your book and I have been absorbing it ever since.
    I came to the 3rd chapter and was going to stop reading it (skip it, in other words) b/c the devil has been really attacking me and PRAISE the LORD I have figured out that I had some unconfessed sin in my life and immediately confessed it when the HOLY SPIRIT brought it to my memory.
    I take medication and when the dosage is off or if I take my pain medication the devil attacks me too. (so no more pain meds and I make sure the dosage on my others stays in check)
    I was going to skip the chapter because I didn’t want any more information about the devil than I already knew. I was scared that if I knew more about how he can enter in my head then he would be able to attack me in newer ways since I would then be more aware of his wiles. But when I went to skip the chapter I found that I had finished it and was glad that I knew some of the ways he could attack me and was relieved that I knew a little bit on how to rebuke him and plead the Blood of CHRIS JESUS over me and put a hedge of protection around me. Cindy is a great help praying for me and with me when the devil is attacking me. Praise the LORD that she is in my life and such a Blessing.
    Your book is very informative and I am reading it in conjunction with another book called “The Pursuit of Holiness” and you are both confirming one another as well as the Scripture back up. I really appreciate the Scriptures that are quoted throughout the book confirming what you are writing about. It is a big help b/c I was injured on the job and am on light duty. I can read at my desk while waiting for the phone to ring but I don’t want to have too many books on my desk at one time for fear that they would have something to say. I am blessed that I work with some Christians and I get to read my Bible everyday and throughout the day.
    Your book so far has been very enlightening. I have learned that we are to be holy because HE said “Be holy, for I am HOLY.” and that when we sin we sin against GOD. All of that in a nutshell makes me more aware of sin than I have ever been.
    I don’t know if you discuss putting on the whole armor of GOD but haven’t made it through the book yet. I need to make a conscience effort every morning to do that and unfortunately, I fall short there. I go to work and read there which is not the same, at all.
    Your book is very enlightening and fortunately so far goes along with my beliefs. I am radical that all information that I read goes with the WORD. No deviations. I am leery when people put too much of what they “think or feel” about what the Bible is saying. Do you know what I mean when I say that? I want to know what the Bible says not what someone thinks about what it might be saying. Hence, the scripture that is put in your chapters for reference to so I can see for myself what you are talking about.
    I have never written on someone’s blog before and fear that I have run on way too long. I don’t want to erase it so if it is too long let me know.
    In the meantime, I will keep reading and keep you posted on how it’s coming along.
    Your friend in CHRIST,

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