By Their Fruit

When I read horrible news stories such as the account of the Navy Yard shooting and the cowardly attack at a civilian mall in Kenya, I am reminded of the words of Jesus, when he said that you will know who people are really following by the fruit they produce. We know that there are instances where people travel the wrong road for a time, but if they are followers of God, they will get back on track when they learn that they are not doing God’s will. The most notable biblical example of this is Saul in the book of Acts.

On the other hand, when you follow a religion or other system which teaches that death and destruction are God’s works and that you are doing his will when you steal, kill and destroy, then you are serving Lucifer! As we see from the example of Saul (Paul) in scripture, not everyone who does evil is a child of the devil. The bottom line is that if you truly believe you are called to bring death and destruction on others, you are being led by Satan and his kingdom.

God is love. Everything he does is good. Jesus came to show us God’s nature. He lived as God would if he were a human. No matter what you claim as your faith, if you live as Jesus did while he was on earth, you will be living in a godly manner. That is, a very simple and straightforward way to stay on a godly path is to look at the life of Jesus Christ and do your best to live like him.