Easter 2016

Happy Easter!
He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

As I thoughtfully consider the awesome event of The Resurrection, I am once again reminded that not only was Jesus willing to die for all of us, but God was faithful to the promise that he would raise Christ from the dead.
I am amazed and thankful for the many men and women throughout history who have given their lives for righteous causes, but Jesus alone endured the unimaginable torture and humiliation which ultimately resulted in our redemption.

Many die for the good of others, but only one has secured the victory over death: Jesus Christ.
Even as he was raised with a spiritual body, so we also will be like him when he returns. However, even in this age, those of us who have accepted salvation through Christ, can live new glorious lives. This is because we have received holy spirit.

Let us rejoice as we celebrate the victory and never forget that we are now a part of all that God and Christ have accomplished for us!
Leah found a very nice rendition of one of her favorite hymns and shared it with me. I would like to complete this post by sharing it with you.
Watch here.

Easter 2014

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Today we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Although this is primarily a Christian celebration, it is spoken of throughout the world. It is our proclamation that Jesus endured unspeakable torture, was crucified, died, was buried and spent three days and three nights in the tomb. Then, God raised him from the dead and gave him a glorified body!

Jesus was the first man to emerge victorious over death. All who confess him as Lord, believing that God raised him from the dead are saved, and have everlasting life. When Jesus returns, we who believe will receive bodies like the one which God gave him when he was raised.

Today, as we celebrated Easter, my wife found a video which I would like to share with you. The music is taken from a song written by Leonard Cohen. I hope you enjoy it!

Hallelujah: Easter Version