Amateur Radio

Talking Digital Multimeter

This multimeter provides both visual and spoken readout of measurements.
It does not announce its functions and ranges when they are selected, so you will need a list showing what and where they are located on the rotary switch.
In my tutorial, I describe the meter in detail, and demonstrate some of its functions.
I have also included a table which summarizes the functions and ranges.

Here is a link where the unit can be purchased. For legal reasons, they say it is not recommended for visually impaired users.
Talking Digital Multimeter Page

Since the meter does not come with a case, I found a suitable one made by Klein Tools. Here is a link where it can be purchased.
Klein Tools multimeter case

You may play or download the tutorial at the following link.
Multimeter Tutorial

The following table summarizes the functions and ranges on the rotary switch of the meter. I label the OFF position as zero, and move clockwise from there.
There are 28 positions on the switch. The switch may be continuously rotated in either direction with no hard stop.
0 Power Off
1 Transistor Tester
2 Voltage DC 200MV
3 Voltage DC 2V
4 Voltage DC 20V
5 Voltage DC 200V
6 Voltage DC 1000V
7 Voltage AC 750V or HZ
8 Voltage AC 200V
9 Voltage AC 20V
10 Voltage AC 2V
11 Current DC 20UA
12 Current DC 2MA
13 Current DC 20MA
14 Current DC 200MA
15 Current DC 10A
16 Current AC 10A
17 Current AC 200MA
18 Current AC 20MA
19 Non Contact Voltage
20 Continuity or diode check
21 Resistance 200 Ohms
22 Resistance 2K Ohms
23 Resistance 20K Ohms
24 Resistance 200K Ohms
25 Resistance 2M Ohms
26 Resistance 20M Ohms
27 Capacitance 20MF