The bible studies in this section are prepared using a collection of references which include several versions of the bible, as well as concordances, dictionaries and lexical aids. Unless otherwise noted, scripture is quoted using the King James version of The Bible. The intent is to present information based on what is written in the scriptures, without personal bias.

The following studies are currently available:

The reference tools used in preparing these studies are electronic versions in a software product called PC Study Bible which is available from Biblesoft.

A very good on-line source of bible reference material is freely available at:
Bible Gateway

You can purchase Alexander Scourby's narration of The King James version of The Bible at:
Audio Bible

If you are in need of Christian material which can be used by people with low vision, visit the
Lutheran Braille Evangelism Association
where you will find many excellent resources available at reduced prices. The staff is a very fine group of dedicated Christians.

You may download some wonderful Christian music at Jews For Jesus

You can read the entire book:
The Companion Bible
by E. W. Bullinger

Please send us your insight regarding these studies. As additional studies are ready for publication, they will be added to the site.

God bless you.