Amateur Radio

MD380/MD390 Tutorial

Joseph A. LaFauci

This tutorial is in one part.
You may listen to it by clicking on it with the left mouse button. You may download it by clicking with the right mouse button, and selecting Save Target AS...

I have also included links to other helpful references

For those of you who would like a starting point in programming your radios, I am including links to my codeplug. I have generated two versions: one for the MD-380 and one for the MD-390. In both cases, I have removed my personal information, so you must edit the codeplug and update it accordingly.
You may use the TYT CPS software to perform updates, or you may use the simple Code Plug Editor (freeware)
There are four zones included. The first three contain information for repeaters in my area here in Indiana.
The fourth zone contains one FM repeater channel which I use to access our local 70CM. repeater, followed by four simplex DMR channels, and then a set of channels which are designed to work with either the SharkRF Openspot or the DV4Mini.
Listen to the tutorial for additional details. This codeplug will be most useful to you if you are in Indiana, however, regardless of your location, you can use it as a basis for creating your own codeplug.